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          "Highest Quality - Lowest Pricing"

          Eagle Hydraulic Inc. is a Canadian based manufacturer of engineered and standard Hydraulic Cylinders. We also manufacture Eagle branded Hydraulic Power Units in Canada and distribute Hydraulic Motors among many other products.
          Serving the mobile equipment industry, our products are designed and supported from our Head Office located in Mirabel Quebec Canada. We have a fully equipped service and repair facility integrated within our 55,000 square foot Corporate Head Office located in Mirabel, near Montreal, Quebec. We independently own and operate two hydraulic cylinder manufacturing facilities located in the Wuxi Area in China. Our manufacturing operations are certified to the ISO TS16949 standard. We are also a certified OEM production supplier to many large North American based corporations.

          Our services include on site visits & support, flexible delivery programs, stocking arrangements, inventory updates, flexible warranty and of course service with a smile. With a functional ERP system, we have the capability to match our lead time with your forecast to assure a seamless delivery. We strive to deliver our products to you on time every time.

          Be assured that Eagle Hydraulic can offer you the best in quality, delivery, service and of course price. 

          Our motto "Highest Quality - Lowest Pricing".
          • 质量体系工程师
            无锡市 | 1-5 年 | 大专
            更新日期: 2021-04-18
            1. 负责IATF16949 质量管理体系的建立、认证、维护并持续改进; 2. 主导IATF16949 质量体系文件的编制、修改; 3. 负责公司质量管理体系运行监督、检查和业务指导,组织内部审核及协助管理评..
          • 机械检验人员
            无锡市 | 1-2 年 | 学历不限
            更新日期: 2021-04-18
            大专以上学历,机械类相关专业 2、有机械行业的检验工作经验 3、熟练掌握常用办公软件的应用; 4、会使用量具
          • 工艺/自动化工程师
            无锡市 | 3-5 年 | 大专
            更新日期: 2021-04-18
            岗位职责: 1、参与各类设备和生产线方案工艺方案设计或优化; 2、应用机械化/自动化及智能化原理与最佳时间; 3、负责日常设备的工装、夹具的设计与落实; 4、相关工艺文件的编制与培训等。 任职..
          • 液压油缸设计
            无锡市 | 5年以上 | 大专
            更新日期: 2021-04-18
            任职要求: 1、五年以上机械或液压设计相关工作经验;熟悉机械加工工艺; 2、能独立对各种非标油缸设计方案的搭建、确定、审核。 3、熟练使用CAD,Solidworks、UG,并熟练使用各种计算机办公软件;..
          • 公司规模:100 - 499人
          • 公司性质:外商独资
          • 所属行业:液压缸
          • 所在地区:江苏-无锡市-宜兴市
          • 公司主页:http://www.eagle-hydraulic.com
          • 地址:宜兴市万石镇余境村工业集中区
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